MEMS Sensor

MEMS Sensor

Accelerometer Sensor (GS)

Accelerometer sensor measures acceleration by detecting the force applied on one to three dimensions/axial direction. It can be realized through capacitive, piezoelectric effect or other technologies. The accelerometer is also denoted g-force, since it can experience relative in comparison to standard gravity.

Sensortek’s accelerometer sensor provides for smart mobile and wearable device applications, such as pedometer, accelerate detection, screen rotation, free fall protection and activity monitoring for the gaming control.

Pressure Sensor

Pressure sensor is comprised of a MEMS pressure sensing chip and a signal conditioning ASIC and that are packaged in stacked dies technique. The most important part of pressure sensing chip is the sensing diaphragm processed by MEMS technique.

Pressure fluctuation applied on sensing diaphragm results in the resistance variation came out of MEMS pressure sensing elements. The signal is processed by signal conditioning ASIC to achieve amplification, filtering, digitalization and temperature compensation. A high precision digital pressure sensor comes out finally.

Sensortek’s pressure sensor is suitable for smart mobile devices and wearable ones. In smart phone application, it carries out the functions of altitude and atmosphere pressure measurement and meet FCC E911 z-axis accuracy requirement. In wearable and consumer electronic devices, it carried out the functions as altitude measurement, up/downstairs tracking, climb rate, weather forecast, water depth measurement and altitude hold mode in drone, etc.