Capacitive Sensing Sensor

Capacitive Sensing Sensor

Specific Absorption Rate Sensor (SAR)

SAR sensor can accurately distinguish between inanimate objects and objects close to human body. The result of the closeup detection can be applied to mobile and wearable devices to manage the radiofrequency (RF) power emitted toward the human body to meet stringent emission regulations and SAR standards.

Sensortek’s SAR sensor provides for smart mobile and wearable devices applications to detect whether the human body is close to the antenna of the mobile phone. The mobile device can adjust the transmitted power and control the radiation field type to adjust the beam direction, so that the electromagnetic wave emission beam is far away from the human body direction.

Capacitive Touch Sensor

Sensortek offers 3ch/5ch capacitive touch button solutions, such as a variety of slider, touch button and in ear detection, for TWS headsets and other wearable electronics applications. In the TWS headset, the in-ear detection function can automatically active the device when the ear is close to save the power. 5-channel capacitive touch sensor provides more additional slider functions such as volume adjustment or touch switches.